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SWAP’n’GO 8.5kg gas bottles


SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles – SWAP’n’GO BBQ Gas Bottle Refill • 9kg & 4kg
SWAP’n’GO Gas Bottles are Fast, Safe & Easy

You can swap your empty 9kg or 4kg gas bottle for a full one with SWAP’n’GO gas bottles. Available at over 5,000 dealers, SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are fast safe and easy to swap. You don’t have to wait around to get your gas bottle refilled. You get another new or refurbished gas bottle that is yours to keep.
Buy new SWAP’n’GO gas bottles, swap any brand of empty bottle for a full bottle or swap BBQ gas bottle sizes. The 9kg BBQ gas bottle is the larger bottle, filled with 8.5kg. The 4kg BBQ gas bottle is the smaller size, filled with 3.7kg, and available with a POL or Camper valve.
No waiting for your gas bottle refill with SWAP’n’GO gas bottle exchange. Get an ‘instant gas bottle refill’ for your 9kg or 4kg gas bottle. You just swap and go (swap & go gas) with your patio BBQ gas bottle.
SWAP’n’GO® BBQ gas bottle refill comes in 8.5kg & 3.7kg gas bottle refill sizes and you can exchange any brand of 9kg* or 4kg* gas bottle, even if expired. SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle refills are all leak tested and have their expiry dates checked.
When you get your SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refill, you don’t have to worry about checking test dates when you swap, as SWAP’n’GO gas bottles will always be in-date and you own the SWAP’n’GO gas bottle you received.
Sale bottles are available for purchase without needing a trade-in.
Digital scales are used for SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refill, to ensure accuracy.


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